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Company Openings

Now Hiring Newly Licensed Agents & Existing licensees

Company + Culture
Welcome to Wheatland Realty!  A locally owned boutique real estate firm serving the Chicagoland area with state of the art technology coupled with small town values.  Our vision is to stand out from the crowd by going back to what makes us human, and that is connection.  In a world of constant advertising and social media the core values still hold true.  People don’t care, until they know you care.  We want every client and every associate at WR to feel connected in their real estate experience.  We accomplish this by taking the time to do the extras that matter.  In other words to truly serve.  We will not only serve our clients and staff, but our local community as well.  If there is one thing we value at WR, it is transparency.  It’s a non-negotiable trait. Our philosophy is simple and genuine…. We do real estate the right way – even if other approaches are more profitable.  We call it Intentional Integrity™.  This is not only true for our clients but also our family of agents and staff.  If you are looking for an agency to just go work for, any will do.  If you are looking for a place to grow and call home then look no further.

“As a brand new real estate agent with no experience, it was important for me to join a brokerage where I would not be left to fend for myself in a complex and sometimes intimidating business.  Lucky for me I joined Wheatland Realty where that was definitely not the case.  Tony and Nicole have been extremely helpful every step of the way, and have taken the time to not only answer all of my questions, but to also provide support, encouragement, and motivation.  In addition to Tony and Nicole, the rest of the staff has been extremely welcoming and helpful!  With the support of everyone at Wheatland Realty, there are no limits to the success you can achieve!” – David V.

“I came from an office of over 200 agents and I have found that being at Wheatland Realty Is more than just being part of an office.  The training programs are excellent and you can always get the support you need.  We have a great team who’s there to help each other reach their goals!” – Armanda T

Attributes of the Ideal WR Agent
-Commitment to your career and to the client experience
-Intrinsically motivated
-Desire to learn and keep learning
-Desire to participate & cooperate with fellow agents and staff
-Personal Responsibility (screw up: own it)
-Transparent (no games)
-Decision making skills
-Strong moral compass

-Business sense – Existing or desire to implement
-Belief in system building for optimal business performance
-Knows how to prioritize activities
-Proactive verses re-active attitudes and actions
-Computer and social media literate

Contact us today to get your Real Estate career at Wheatland Realty started!

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