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Become an Agent

Are you considering Real Estate as a career?

Congratulations on taking the first step!  Some of you may be just thinking about getting your license or maybe you are in class now or just passed your test.  No matter where you are we are here to help you with your questions.  Here are some of the top questions we answer:

How do I get started?
You can be an agent in as little as 2 weeks!  It’s a 90 hour course that allows 75 hours of it to be self study and the remaining 15 hours live/interactive study.  You will find real estate schools may offer all 90 hours in person or some other variation.  Choose what works best with your schedule.  Keep in mind that many real estate offices hold pre-license classes to hopefully keep you once you are licensed but you are free to go anywhere you like and we will talk more about that shortly.  Here are a couple of our preferred options for a good education.  It can mean the difference between passing the test or not!

The Real Estate Institute –
Illinois Realtors –

How much money can I make?
The great thing about real estate is that there is no limit to the amount of money you can make, but there is also no floor.  This is a 100% commission position that will require daily effort and motivation.  This is not a casual work from home career but it is an exciting one!  It is also one that allows you to control your own destiny.  On average it will take approximately 2-3 years to be able to make a living wage.  4 to 6 years to a six-figure income.  These are just estimates the real success lies in your commitment to succeed!

How much money is required to start?
To give you just the basics and not explore the cost of marketing yourself once you are an agent, plan on approximately $625 for the 90-hour course.  Then $40 to take the exam once the 90-hour course is completed.  Once you pass the test you will need to look for a sponsoring broker (meaning a real estate company to work under) and they have their own fees.  Then you will spend $125 to have your license issued by the state.  Last but not least you will most likely have to join a local Realtor Board.  This will give you some of the fundamental tools you need like the MLS and access to lockboxes so you can show homes.  The board costs approximately $1200 to join for your first year.  It may sound like a lot but $2000 to start your own business is a steal!

Can I do this part time and keep my full time job?
The more time you can dedicate to Real Estate the quicker you will achieve your goals.  However, it is not uncommon for Realtors to work a full-time or part-time job.  There are no set hours in ths business.  You are your own boss!

What are the skills needed to be a real estate agent?
-A great communicator who loves working with people
-Entrepreneurial mindset with an appetite for learning new skills
-Highly optimistic, hardworking, detail-oriented, and comfortable with technology
-High level of integrity & motivation

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