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Asia Robinson

Asia Robinson
Broker Associate, Realtor
Asia Robinson is a 24-year-old entrepreneur looking to help more millennials become homeowners. She’s expressed her passion for helping the younger generations own property and gain wealth without solely relying on a degree. “Many people my age are struggling with paying off student loans, finding jobs in their field, and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. My goal is to help as many millennials as possible become investors and assist them in creating a second stream of income”. With her niche being first time home buyers, she guides with patience, care, and attentiveness. Asia comes from the restaurant industry as a waitress with 8 years of customer service experience. “The clients experience is essential. Ask whatever questions you have, express whatever issues you have, and put the stress of home selling and buying on me. It’s my job to make sure buyers and sellers have the most stress-free experience as possible. That’s why you hire an agent and that’s why you should hire me.”

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